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Successful and Safe Food & Alcohol Handling of Course!

"" a Louisiana company, based in the New Orleans area, serving the SOUTH and focused in the field of education and training for all channels of the Food Service and Bar industries, in the field of Safe Handling. We are committed to providing the most effective training experience for you and/or your company. We are teaching the current versions of food managers' safety program , and food and alcohol handlers programs as well as the Louisiana Responsible Vendor Serving Alcohol certification course.

"" provides the highest standard of food and alcohol safety training and certification with convenient locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and East Texas. We value your business and your confidence in our ability to deliver the best bang for your buck.

"Our mission is to make the availability and quality of the educational training seminars convenient, effective and economical, for both the students and their employers. And, in this effort , satisfy our clients educational training needs in a personal and professional manner."

Are you serving potentially hazardous foods in your establishment?? Don't know? Well if you are serving proteins, dairy products, leafy produce, fruits, vegetables and many other items, you definitely are. It's Time to learn about TCS foods, FAT TOM, and Foodborne Illnesses. You will discover why we are the superior choice in food safety and alcohol handling training. Our in classroom, face to face instruction improves student retention and performance on the job.

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