Registration Policy

Course registration policies

The fees related to the various issues below are only relative to the ServSafe Manager’s Course


Pre-Registration and Payment is required for all classes: CHART, LLC accepts credit card payments from VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, Business and Personal checks. CHART, LLC accepts, NO “pay at the door” or CASH. Unregistered persons will not be allowed into Seminar.

Timely Registration: People who register a minimum of 21 days in advance of scheduled training activities, will receive confirmation of attendance eligibility upon receipt of application and full payment for course requested. Additionally, class manual and any other materials needed will be sent to these people 15 days in advance of scheduled training. Review our Buy-Back & Rental Program policy page for training manuals. All registrations must be sent to the CHART Center. See address on the “Contact Us” page.

Late Registrations: People who register within 10 days of a Certification training course will receive only RENTAL pre-course material pre-seminar. They will receive the purchased materials at the conclusion of the seminar. This assumes that the Rental material was not damaged or defaced in anyway. There will be a fee for the Rental use. Review our Buy-Back policy page for training manuals. All registrations must be sent to the CHART Center.

Late Registration Fee:

  • Fee for Rental use in late registration cases = $12.00 Material Rental + $7.00 s/h
  • If this late registration is a Group charge = $15.00 per person Material Rental + quote s/h
  • If you pick up materials at CHART Center, there is no s/h charge.

Rescheduling: A written request to reschedule must be received 14 days before the  seminar and will include a Rescheduling administrative fee. Written rescheduling requests after 7 days will receive a late rescheduling fee. CHART, LLC will hold your registration fee for a later   date. Please specify the date you will be unable to attend and the new date you want to attend,  include your mailing information and email address. You may reschedule a course at your convenience. All Rescheduling requests must be sent to the CHART Center.

Rescheduling and Late Rescheduling Fees:

  • Individual, Rescheduling a seminar there is an administrative fee of $12.00
  • Individual, Late Rescheduling assesses a fee of $13.00 added to the administrative fee.
  • Group rescheduling a seminar there is an administrative fee of $15.00 per person.
  • Group Late Rescheduling assessed a fee of $15.00 per person plus administrative fee.

No Shows: People who are not present for their scheduled seminar or exam date, with no prior  notice, are “No Shows”. If CHART is not contacted within 2 weeks following the No Show, there will be no refund of paid fees. Those who contact CHART within the 2 week period will receive a refund of 40% of the seminar fee less material cost. The registrant would then be required to re-register and repay the reduced course fee as shown below less material costs.

No Shows Fees:  The No Show penalty fee is the reduction in the amount CHART will refund. The reduction in refund is equal to 60% of the full course fee less materials cost. Additionally, CHART will issue a discount certificate, to the registrant, good for a 20% discount of the full fee less the materials for your next seminar.

Change a Registration: You may send a substitute person if you are unable to attend a scheduled  seminar one time.  This request must be received in writing at least 10 days before the seminar date and will incur a Change of Registration fee. You must provide a completed registration form for the substitute person and the date and location of the scheduled seminar. The materials  and seminar fee can be worked out between the original student and the substitute. There is not an additional charge for the Substitute Registrant. The original registrant will need to re-register for his/her next seminar, and pay full registration fee. Notice of Change of Registration must be sent to the CHART Center.

Change a Registration – Fees: The  change of registration for a CHART seminar will require an administrative  fee of $20.00. This $20.00 fee is required to be paid in full, prior to      the originally scheduled CHART seminar. If not paid timely the Substitute Registrant will not be allowed entrance to the seminar.

Cancellations of Group Requested Seminars: Group Cancellation  requests must be received in writing minimum 14 days before the course date. In this case of a Timely Group Cancellation, there will be a minimal      administrative fee assessed.  If the written cancellation is received with less than 14 days to seminar date, there will be a Late Cancellation fee. If the written cancellation is received less than 5 days from seminar date there will be a Negligent  Cancellation Fee plus additional facility charges. In the written cancellation notice CHART will need the following information; Group Name; Date of Seminar; Location of Seminar. Written notice of Cancellation must be sent to the CHART Center.                                                                 The materials cost will not be refunded.

Cancellation of Group Seminar – Fees:

  • Timely Group Cancellation, 14 days =  $20 per person subtracted from original seminar fee, rebate.
  • Untimely Group Cancellation, <14 days = $40 person subtracted from the original seminar fee, rebate.
  • Negligent Group Cancellation, <5 days  = $50 person to be subtracted from the original seminar fee, rebate. Plus facility cancellation penalty, if one occurs.


Cancellations of Seminar Attendance by Individual Registrants:

Individual written cancellations made on a timely basis, that is minimum 14 days prior to the seminar, will incur a minimum administrative fee. The original seminar fee will be held for  the selection of a new date for attendance. In the written cancellation, we will need to have; persons full name and address; date of seminar registered for; location of seminar; and reason for cancellation. The cancellation fee increases the closer it gets to the time of the intended seminar. The reason is, filling the seminar spots gets more difficult as the time gets closer to the seminar. Therefore, the less likely CHART is to fill a vacated position. Result is, late cancellation fee is higher as notification time gets closer to seminar date. Written cancellation notices must be sent to CHART Center

Cancellation of Individual Seminar Registrants – Fees:

  • More than 10 days in Advance of Seminar = $15.00
  • Less than 10 days in Advance of Seminar = $35.00
  • More than 5 days in Advance of Seminar = $45.00
  • Less than 5 days in Advance of Seminar = $55.00

Replacement Certificates & Cards:

Replacement of ServSafe Managers Certificate comes from the NRA in Chicago, IL. The cost to purchase the replacement is $20.00 plus      s/h.

Replacement of ServSafe Food Handlers Certificate $10.00, plus s/h and can be order through CHART Center @ 504-464-1114.

Replacement of the State of Louisiana Alcohol Handlers Card cost $5.00 plus s/h from the ATF office located in Baton Rouge, LA. Or, you can go in person to the ATF office and pick it up directly. Location is: 8585 Archives Ave, Baton Rouge, LA  70809, Ste 220.

CHART, LLC Training Seminar CANCELLATION:      In the unlikely event that CHART, LLC cancels a course, registrants may transfer to the next course date or a course date of their choosing (for no additional fee plus receiving a Rebate certificate for $15) or they will be issued a refund upon written request. Request must include; name and address; seminar      cancelled and seminar location. Refunds will not automatically cover purchased & returned material costs. A Reduced Refund will be sent/issued after course material is returned and evaluated. See Buy-Back and Rental Program policy page. It is relevant that the returned materials will be inspected for condition. CHART, LLC will only refund for materials that are in good condition and NOT filled with notes or damaged in any way.

To contact CHART Center please go to the Contacts Us page.

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