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Max BurnellMax H. Burnell, Jr.
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Welcome to Chart, LLC! And, thank you for visiting our Web-Site. My name is Max H. Burnell Jr. I was born in South Bend, IN the son of Max Sr. a Notre Dame University graduate and football player as was I. In 1962 upon graduation from ND I took a position with Armour & Co and spent the next six years in their employment beginning in New Orleans, LA and ending in Chicago, IL. During those years I performed for Armour at several levels of management; which included the functions of managing, and training of sales, processing, and warehousing personnel. I left Armour Foods Company as Mid-Western Division Manager.

In 1968 I joined the management staff of Booth Fisheries a division of Consolidated Foods (Now the Sara Lee Corporation), in Chicago as General Manager of distribution, cold storage and National Sales Manager for food service products.

I managed twelve (12) retail/food service seafood distribution facilities, (5) seafood processing facilities and four (4) cold storage facilities in the US and in Canada. My position as GM of distribution and storage held full responsibility for QC, training, operations, sales and accounting for these facilities. As National Sales Manager, Food Service, my position encompassed the responsibilities for sales, sales training and sales profitability of the food service category of Booth Fisheries production. I had direct interface with national accounts like, Burger King, McDonalds, Monarch Foods and many others for the purpose of developing national programs with our seafood products.

In mid-1970 I left Chicago and returned to my favorite city, New Orleans, LA for the purpose of beginning my own business. Southern Sales Systems Inc. (SSS) was a food service brokerage firm and had been successfully in business from August 1, 1970 to January1, 2009. In 2009 it was renamed and became Southern Sales Solutions, LLC (SSS). Today the company is owned and managed by my wife Carol Burnell.

In the mid 80′s I became involved with Kiko Foods, Inc.® and by the mid 90′s was the majority stockholder and held the position of President/CEO. Kiko Foods, Inc.® was in operation from early 80′s to mid 2012.  Kiko Foods, Inc.®  was a full line liquid food and beverage bottling facility. As such, we had in-house QC, microbiology and R&D  labs.  I was heavily involved in the development of procedures for the labs as well as production and personnel  training programs.

Today, I am on a new Course! Chart, LLC is a food and alcohol safety training company. Staffed by ServSafe certified instructors and proctors, of which I am one. We are pleased that you have visited us, and look forward to the opportunity to support you in your efforts to maintain a quality and safe food and alcohol career and/or business.

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