Mike Tilton

Mike TiltonMike G. Tilton
ServSafe Certified
Instructor & Proctor
(985) 722-4087

Thank you for stopping by to visit us here at CHART, LLC.

My name is Mike Tilton.  I am a native New Orleanian. I graduated from De La Salle High School and started my working career with a local grocery store chain, where I started as a bag boy and worked my way up to store manager.

In 1986, I joined CSC Distributing, a division of Southern Sales Systems, Inc. (SSS) as a sales and service technician providing safety and sanitation training to cafeteria and custodial employees of  K-12 schools throughout states of  Louisiana, Mississippi and East Texas.

During my time at CSC Distributing, I had the opportunity to attend Clemson University in their Cooperative Extension Department to study OSHA requirements and How to Teach Adults, Training. I received Certification in the OSHA Outreach Training Program. My certification as a ServSafe instructor and proctor was accomplished in 1993, during my time at CSC. My course through CSC lead me from a beginning technician to General Manager of the company.

CSC Distributing was sold to PortionPac Chemical Corporation in 2007 and I was offered a position with PPC as a Regional Sales & Training Manager.   My responsibilities included overseeing a sales service force of eleven technician covering over 1,800 schools in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

One of my main duties, of which I dearly loved, was conducting the National Restaurant Association’s, NRA  ServSafe Manager Certification seminars.  I have been an NRA Certified Instructor/Proctor since 1993. While Charting my course throughout my professional career, it became evident to me that training and being in front of an audience was my expertise and the direction in which I was heading.

I returned to the SSS in 2012 and became Director of Child Nutrition Sales.  I am also now a ServSafe  Instructor/Proctor with CHART, LLC, a sister company of SSS.   I am happy to provide the hard working folks in the food service industry with the ServSafe series of seminars to enhance the awareness of food safety in restaurants, schools and almost any outlet where food is prepared and sold, or provided, to the general public for consumption.

I appreciate you’re taking a few minutes to learn about me and the other team members at CHART, LLC.

Please feel free to email or call me should you need food safety training or information.

CHART your course to food safety, food handling and  responsible alcohol vending with us at CHART, LLC.



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